The Boat

The Craft

Wetwheels Jersey is unique in Channel Island waters.

Wetwheels 1

She is a 9.2-metre fast catamaran, with a top speed of 40 knots, offering considerable accommodation, comfort and stability. She is ideal for Channel Island waters.

The design allows easy access for wheelchair users who are also able to helm the craft, which is fully MCA-coded and carries the latest in safety and navigational equipment. She has capacity for twelve passengers including four wheelchairs and two crew.

The Operational Model

Wetwheels works closely with Ports of Jersey, Education Sport & Culture and the Variety Sailing Trust, which already provides fantastic facilities for disabled sailors.

Wetwheels Jersey is owned by The Wetwheels Jersey Charitable Trust but complements the 'Spirit of Variety', adding greater flexibility and more capacity.

We share crewing and fundraising operations, benefiting from our mutual experience and skills. This helps reduce operational costs for both organisations while maximising the benefit to the people who need the service most - our passengers.

A Lasting Legacy

The Wetwheels concept has a proven track record and it is envisaged that the craft will operate successfully for at least twenty years. In that time, funds for a replacement will be raised to ensure the continued success of the initiative.