Volunteering on board

There are plenty of ways you can support Wetwheels Jersey. We're always looking for new mariner volunteers to take roles as Skippers, Competent Crew, and Deck Hands.

Here's how it works

The Variety Sailing Trust is responsible for delivering our operations, but we support them through building a team of willing and competent volunteers to keep Wetwheels Jersey sailing safely throughout the year.

We have three on-board roles, with training and qualification requirements for the two qualified roles (Skipper and Competent Crew member) approved by Jersey Coastguard, the Education Sport and Culture Department, and MECAL (the body which approves and 'codes' Wetwheels Jersey for commercial operations). 


Must have a commercial endorsement with RYA Powerboat Level 2 or more (depending on how far off the coast the Skipper is allowed to take the boat)

Competent Crew

Unqualified, with likely limited experience of boating, but who would like to consider training to become Competent Crew, or those that would simply like to help out and gain experience in a safe way (N.B. all crew and volunteers may be required to undertake a DBS check - see below). 

Our website will aim to match skippers and crew with our client bookings; we will always try to work around your availability. So - if you're free on weekdays, you can nominate yourself for those slots, or 'pick and choose' as bookings are made. Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly or just every now and again, we will work to meet your needs, and those of our clients.

We will ensure that you are trained to the right level both nautically, and customer care. 

It is an operational requirement that all crew members that will be helping with younger people on board Wetwheels Jersey will need to undergo a DBS (formerly the CRB) check. This is conducted on our behalf by the States of Jersey Education, Sport and Culture Department and we can assist you with the formal process. 

We will offer equal opportunity to those able and less able physically and mentally, and seek to train to your level of ability. 

We will engage in continuous training to improve your qualification and competence and welcome people of any level to talk with us to see if and how you can help.

If you are already qualified and want to find out how you can join our team of volunteers, or how further training could help you, see our training matrix here, please contact operations@wetwheels.je to find out more.

Or talk to one of our team.

> View a chart showing the qualification requirements for each type of volunteer.