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Wetwheels Jersey and Helping Wings Joint Venture

A Very Successful Joint Venture – Sponsored by the Ravenscroft Group.

3rd July saw Wetwheels team up with Helping Wings to give two groups of disabled or disadvantaged people a truly memorable day out. 20 guests, which were made up of members from Eye Can, Autism Jersey, St Ewolds, Les Amis and Jersey Mancap, were invited to take part. The original concept was to divide the group in two with half travelling to Guernsey on Wetwheels while the others took to the air courtesy of Helping Wings. After lunch in Guernsey the groups would swap passengers before returning to Jersey.

Unfortunately, as so often is the case, the weather conspired against us, by being too windy for Wetwheels to sail to Guernsey. During breakfast at The Aero Club in the presence of both charities patron Sir Stephen Dalton the plan was revised. One group took to the water on Wetwheels and were able to cruise round the sheltered waters of the South Coast. Each participant taking turns to steer the boat and show off their driving skills. The others spent the morning flying round Jersey before both groups returned to The Aero Club for a quickly devised lunch courtesy of The Ravenscoft Group, before changing their activity for the afternoon giving everyone a chance of both flying and sailing.

This innovative solution meant cancellation of the event was averted and our 20 guests enjoyed a great day of sailing and flying. It wasn't exactly as planned but that really didn't matter. Helping Wings and Wetwheels had had their first, and very successful, joint event.

WWJ HW Joint Venture

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